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In the frame of the 56th edition of La Biennale di Venezia, the Egyptian Pavilion participates with a new artistic concept, designed by the Egyptian artists: Ahmed Abdel-Fatah, Maher Dawoud, and Gamal El-Kheshen, Commissar of the Egyptian pavilion is Hany el Ashakar. The Artists declared, upon winning the national competition launched by the Egyptian Ministry of Culture, that their contribution for La Biennale di Venezia will focus on the concept of peace, emphasizing the notion of inner peace.
The Installation represents (PEACE) the content status, which is the aim of human beings towards achieving the physiological peace.
Peace is the nature of creation, which all religions concurred upon, it is a neutral natural alignment, which makes a balance between construction and destruction Paradise or the ideal situation which we seek to achieve peace which varies from one person to the other.
The Art-Work raises two contradicting, twin ideas, which are destruction and construction, yet it is the law of the Creation Understanding this case depends on the intuitive vision beyond the reality, which sets our intention and reaction.. Work description and The Concept The Installation consists of five three dimensional shapes that forms letters of the word PEACE covered with grass.
Peace represents Arabic lingual equivalent for paradise that is related to planting and greening as well as it represents the inner peace for The Human being. For more understanding, we recommend reading hindi poems
Thus, the Audience seeks the path that achieves the word (PEACE), and represents the state that humans aim for whether aware or not aware of the entire truth. In that regards, the viewer can set a program of augmented reality on his cellular before entering the hall, and when applicating this program on the phone screen or laptop or display screens inside the hall, will see two options, one negative and one positive, then the viewer chooses one. And observes the embodied in a different case the five letters switch to ten different scenes five positive and negative and deals The realistic interaction of the user by touching the screen for example, when trying to extinguish the fire with his hand on running away from fear when touching an animal. This programmed application in the Concept represents the knowledge of human being that affects his vision for the truth, and his vision in the formation of the peace that he wants under his own perspective. Here in this mini-universe lies an opportunity to the Audience to see a general vision for a smaller universe to help him understand his real size and place in the universe and realize that there is what is the most comprehensive , so while he stands under the umbrella of (PEACE) without full awareness of it, sees a smaller umbrella that he can control from his higher position. This leads to an inner peace resulting from the awareness and understanding based on the changes in ratios the word “PEACE” is created in a 3-dimensional form which is covered with grass. The visitors will go through a virtual journey which will allow them to immerge themselves in an atmosphere of harmony and peace. However, technology of the 21st century will enable to enhance the value of this virtual journey and the confrontation between the two eternal choices of the human life: light/virtue and dark/vice. This will be possible through the use of tablets attached to the installation, allowing the visitors to use the augmented reality mobile application, as they will be asked to select between the two different paths of life, in order to experience the embodied results of their choices.